What Should I expect at my first Visit?

New patients will go through a comprehensive, but efficient history and exam to pinpoint the CAUSE of their pain. Following the history and exam, patients will be given a "Review of Findings" where the doctor will explain what they found during their history and exam, what it means in terms the patient can understand, their plan of treatment, and alternative treatments to chiropractic care. Assuming the patient elects to continue with treatment from 3rd Coast Chiropractic and Rehab, treatment will then get started.

I have a Game/Meet/Show/tournament coming up soon, can i still get treatment?

The short answer is YES! Although, depending on how far out you are from your Game/Meet/Show/Tournament we might modify the amount and intensity of treatment in order to not hinder your performance. Please let us know if you have something coming up that you feel we need to be aware of so we can decide if modifying your treatment would be in your best interest!

What's included in the Office visit pricing?

Everything! We charge a flat rate for visits meaning you get the history, exam and review of finding on the initial visit as well as all treatment modalities we offer on the initial visit and and follow ups deemed necessary!

Where are you located?

We currently have two locations- East Downtown Houston, and Cypress! We are located inside of Deviant Strength Gym in EADO and located inside of Iron City Gym in Cypress.

DO I have to be a gym member to schedule an appointment?

Nope! Appointments are available for gym members and non-members alike!

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, since we are a one man show right now we require at least a 12 hour notice to be guaranteed not to be charged. When you reserve your appointment that whole hour is blocked off in the schedule for 1-on-1 time between yourself and your Doc and last-minute cancellations leave a gap in our schedule that others on the wait list could have benefitted from.