Chiropractic Manipulation

The adjustment is a technique used to restore normal joint motion and decrease pain in both the spine and extremities. Adjustments are utilized to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and relax tight muscles.


The blanket term of rehabilitation refers to both corrective exercise, and stretching. Strengthening weak muscles, and stretching tight muscles, is the key to addressing biomechanical abnormalities which may be the root cause of the pain. Benefits of Rehabilitation include: biomechanical correction, posture improvement, and strengthen muscles to prevent future injury.

Myofascial Decompression

Better known as “cupping”, myofascial decompression is a technique commonly used by chiropractors to encourage and improve healing of muscular and other soft tissue injuries. Cupping separates muscle from a tissue known as fascia which allows for better movement, increased range of motion, and pain relief. It also acts by bringing blood into the affected tissue to engorge it with nutrients in its attempt to heal.

Manual Therapy/IASTM

Better known as massage or “Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization” are techniques adapted from Massage Therapists. IASTM utilizes stainless steel instruments used instead of the doctor’s hands in an attempt to affect deeper tissues than are available when done by hand. IASTM creates micro-injury to muscle which helps the injured tissue heal in a specific pattern to insure proper movement can occur following treatment. IASTM can also help by stimulating tight muscles to relax which will improve range of motion and decrease pain.

Sports Performance

As an adjunct to clinical chiropractic care, 3rd Coast Chiropractic and Rehab offers additional services to individuals who choose to continue to better their bodies after they have recovered from their injuries. This will involve corrective and sports specific exercises to help the individual excel in their given activity or prevent future injury.

· Sports Specific Conditioning/Off season training (1-on-1, Group training, online/remote)

· Online/Remote programming for powerlifting or hypertrophy athletes

· Macro-based nutritional programming

TheraBody Compression Boots

TheraBody Compression boots use manual Pressure via air to create compression around the legs. The multi-chambered structure of the boots creates a flushing mechanism that helps remove waste products like lactic acid from the legs, promote blood flow and circulation, and improve overall recovery to the limbs.